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La Bollicina Più

18,00 €


Classic method that follows the antique production process of the sparkling wine, obtained from grapes 80% Pinot Noir vinified in white and 20% Chardonnay. Dry flavour,  balanced with a light slightly bitter ending taste in mouth it matches preferably with dishes of fish, crudités and as an aperitif. Serving temperature 12°, vol% 12,5 grape harvest 2012, tirage May 2013 disgorgement 2014.

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Bolgheri Più
Vicolo San Leopoldo, 9/11
57023 Cecina

T: 0039 0586 68 61 17

Bolgheri Più
Strada Giulia 14
Bolgheri ( LI )
Tuscany - Italy

T: 0039 0565 76 20 65