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What's Bolgheri+ ?

It's a project born from the collaboration of designers, architects, stylist, dj and others professionals, who have decided to give life to a concept store that is at the same time a creative workshop and a store.


What's the SHOP of BOLGHERI+ ?

The project is really a unique idea because it allows to work low cost with high quality products, both for the clothing  and the food. The key words for this project are: contained prices, creativity, quality and well-being.


Why choose this project?

With a little investment you can realize the dream of having your business, which can give you freedom and sattisfaction.

It's about stores with or without kitchen, of small dimension (about 25 places to sit), in which will be sold typical products from Bolgheri and Tuscany (mainly wine, but also cold cuts, cheeses, jams, honey etc...) with the possibility to taste them on the spot in the form of a tasting menu, of hot and cold dishes.

The stores will be equipped with a refrigerator case for the cold cuts and the cheeses that can be cut on the spot to create dishes.

The clientele will be diverse, it can be diversified based on the position of the store and the communications choices of the owner (main target from 30 to 45 years old )

All the BOLGHERI POINT must have an area for non alimentary products. An area for dressing and design can be created, based on the Bolgheri's Style.

Usually franchising contracts expect a list of services offered by the franchisor to the franchisee whom in exchange commits standard and models of management and productions.

In general, all of this from the franchisor to the franchisee in exchange of the payment of a percentage on the turnover (Royalty) and/or an entrance fee with the respect of the contractual rules that settle the relationship.

Bolgheri Più
Vicolo San Leopoldo, 9/11
57023 Cecina

T: 0039 0586 68 61 17

Bolgheri Più
Strada Giulia 14
Bolgheri ( LI )
Tuscany - Italy

T: 0039 0565 76 20 65