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The Bolgheri Corner Point usually is a kind of affiliation that gives the possibility to the affiliated to include in his own existing business an independent display area dedicated to the sale of the products of the supplier.

The affiliated, inside his own activity, will have a corner where he will offer the products supplied by the brand BOLGHERI+. A mini-shop inside a pre-existing shop ( Shop in Shop).

The idea is to design modular CORNER/EXPOSER to include in existing activities (both food products and clothes).

The Franchisor will study and supply the structure of the corners and will offer a catalogue from which to choose the goods to expose.

Bolgheri Più
Vicolo San Leopoldo, 9/11
57023 Cecina

T: 0039 0586 68 61 17

Bolgheri Più
Strada Giulia 14
Bolgheri ( LI )
Tuscany - Italy

T: 0039 0565 76 20 65